As on many realms in late WotLK, Ragnaros EU saw the mass-death of serious raiding guilds, and as many of us moved from one disbanding guild to the next we grew tired of the 25-man raiding environment. When it was announced that in Cataclysm, both 25 and 10-man raids would share lockouts and rewards we decided that we wanted to raid 10-mans for a more social and tight-knit raiding environment, and since we wanted to start with a clean slate and not be encumbered by any previous raiding guild's name or reputation we decided to form our own.


Over the last few months of ICC we ran two concurrent PUG's together with members from another guild, and we cleared 11/12hc as well as finishing the 25-man ICC meta-achievement for several of our raiders that had gotten burned out with more "hardcore" ICC raiding. As Cataclysm neared we were furiously recruiting for our last few raid spots with our goal clearly staked out: eventually become one of the highest ranked guilds on Ragnaros. With only four or five reliable raiders at this point (and no tanks or healers!), we had plenty of work cut out for us.