Solaris is a 20 man Mythic raiding guild which aims to clear content before new content is released in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. We are an established raiding guild with a long history, if you want to read about it please visit our dedicated History Page

Our current raid schedule is 19:30 - 23:30, 3 days a week (Thursday, Sunday and Monday), with an optional alt/friend raid normally taking place on a Wednesday.

Our current progress at time of writing this tier is as follows

11/11 Mythic Antorus (World Rank 117)

9/9 Mythic Tomb (World Rank 88)

10/10 Mythic Nighthold (World Rank 89)

3/3 Mythic TOV (World Rank 179)

and 7/7 Mythic EN (World Rank 171)

We are always looking for all exceptional dps and healers in an effort to improve. For specific recruitment needs check out the matrix to the right.

Want to know if this is the right guild for you? Here are a few detailed explanations about our approach to things

Our general approach as a guild is what we would call "Casually Hardcore". Meaning, we are laid back but like to take our raiding time seriously because of our 3-day schedule. We are also a guild that pretty rigidly sticks to our schedule, the only deviation being if we're extremely close to killing an endboss in which case we'll come in the next day to finish it off, provided enough players can attend.

Approach to Progression

Our approach to progression is pretty simple. Firstly and mainly is to have some fun, it's a game after all. Secondly is to continually improve and kill bosses in what we feel is a respectable time frame. We don't compete with anyone and you will often hear me saying that I don't care what other guilds are doing. The only benchmark we hold ourselves accountable to is that of our own performance. The world rank isn't the most important thing to us, striving to be better each raid and each pull is the primary goal and that makes things like the world rank take care of themselves.

Atmosphere and Raid Environment

I'm going to be blunt here if you can't take a joke or are easily offended this isn't the guild for you. We have a good-natured atmosphere but overall the guild has a bit of an intense sense of humour. An example of this is that if you do something stupid you can expect to never hear the end of it. Feel free to ask Phurox about the time he fell down the crack on Archimonde or the time that Haver wiped us on gorefiend, needless to say, it's all done in jest. During progression there will be moments where we want our members to focus and be serious but for the overwhelming majority of the time there's room for laughs, jokes and a bit of light hearted ribbing.

Alt/Split Run Policy

We don't force mandatory alts on anyone and don't undertake split runs. We know the benefits but in our experience and talking to friends in other guilds we also know about the disadvantages, namely having people level, gear and continue to keep several characters up-to-date, chores that aren't particularly enjoyed by most people - I don't want to do it myself so I am by no means going to force it on anyone else. We think we can achieve suitable results without having to resort to these methods and this has been the case in our experience so far.

PTR Testing

We aim to PTR test but its strictly non-mandatory and people aren't negatively judged for not being able to turn up as for the most part it occurs at non-friendly EU times. We often have quite a few people testing and get plenty of eyes on the bosses but you aren't going to be forced to do anything.

Ragthor — Raid leader of Solaris
  • Know your class inside and out and are willing to do what it takes to min/max as much as possible (e.g professions, races , etc).
  • Come prepared to raid with all consumables such as flasks or potions.
  • A sense of humor, you will not last if you can't take a joke.
  • High, reliable attendance.
  • Be somewhat mature in age and attitude.
  • Able to see your own mistakes and correct them and be able to take criticism.


Q: My class isn't listed on the classes you are recruiting, is it worth my while applying?

A: We are always open to exceptional applications. If you think you're a solid player who wants more out of the game and a person who is dedicated, feel free to apply and we will see if there is a possibility of recruiting you!

Q: I'm having a problem applying what should I do?

A: If for some reason there is a problem applying feel free to try and catch us ingame or send us a PM on the forums and we will see if we can help. If you get the access denied error it is because you have signed up for Enjin but not joined the Solaris community.

Q: How long does Solaris take to answer applications?

A: It can vary, the usual time is about one week. However, sometimes it may be faster or slower depending on how busy the officer team is. Two Line applications are deleted as soon as someone sees them, complete applications are studied and may take longer to reach a decision on (though that doesn't mean we are not interested), this is usually due to current trials / lack of spots for that specific class.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of the following via our site or in-game:

- Brenwyn ( Brenwyn#2997 — Discord: Brenwyn#0036)

- Ragthor

If you have read all of the above and think you're the perfect fit for us (and vice versa), feel free to click below. (You will need to register an account first).