The guild was rebooted and everything was changing in order to get the guild started up again. There was a huge influx of new members in an attempt to get a steady 25 man roster, a new leadership team and several other major changes. The guild still held the name Solaris but it was a completely new and fresh undertaking with it's own challenges to tackle and problems to solve.

Within a short period of time the new team went from strength to strength taking down everything up to Thok in a couple of weeks. This was quite the achievement given where the guild was and the huge influx of new members that guild had to take on to become a functional raiding guild at the 25 man level. Trying to find 10 good people at the very beginning of Solaris was a challenge enough so imagine that with more than twice the people required. Establishing a solid core in a guild is one of the biggest challenges you can undertake in World of Warcraft as in the early days people will come and go regularly and your roster will be in flux.

From this point onwards the new raiding team only continued to improve as the world rank for subsequent kills would continue to decrease. Thok was the first real challenge and after a bit of graft and determination the boss would fall with a world rank 686 which considering the circumstances wasn’t a bad result.

The determination and hard work continued with further world rank improvement coming as a result of several weeks of intense progression on Blackfuse. The boss was defeated with an improved world rank of 585 but that wasn’t the end of the improvement.

Next up was Paragons Heroic and unlike the 10 man version was a very significant step up in difficulty because of the increased player numbers when dealing with certain mechanics. After a month of solid progression on a try where mumble disconnected and no one could talk to each other or give instructions the boss went down, make of that what you will. The world rank improved again and Solaris 2.0 was on the verge of sneaking into the top 500 with a 503 kill on Paragons.

It was now time for the biggest vengeance rematch in Solaris raiding history with the new 25 man team looking to avenge their fallen 10 man brothers. Solaris 25 man had a score to settle with Garrosh Hellscream and they would give it their all to make sure that things would be different this time.

The guild knuckled down and with a few tactical tweaks they got very close to killing the boss before the item level patch released. Another week and I think it would have been killed regardless but in the reset of the item level patch the boss fell over. Solaris had taken the long way round but had finally finished the expansion with a world rank in 25 man of 470.

I want to take a moment before moving on to praise the commitment of the new officer team/guild master for coming in and building this team from scratch. It wasn't easy and at times I'm sure it was stressful but congratulations to you guys for achieving what 10 man Solaris never did and setting a new foundation for the guild to build on.

Given the circumstances the World Rank of Killing Garrosh is something to be proud of considering where the guild had come from. I'd like to think that despite the 10 man dying and a new team being formed the spirit of what the guild is/what it became has continued.