We moved onto Firelands looking to put the issues that arose at the end of the previous tier behind us and move towards improving to become even better. We started the tier a bit slowly because several members had a few issues targeting the right dog on Shannox and pumping damage into it. After that we took down Rhyolith fairly quickly which was a fun boss in terms of mechanics but always seemed to have a mind of his own on occasions. After the disappointing end to the previous tier the Rhyolith kill made us feel like we were on the right path with a World Rank of 760 it was already a vast improvement over anything we had achieved last tier.

It was at this point that things took a turn for the worse with the dreaded summer attendance issues. We would not be spared from the erratic attendance that the middle of summer can cause for a guild. For about a period of a month we had at least 4 of our main team raiders taking 2-3 week overlapping holidays with our main spec healers and DPS enjoying what the summer had to offer. This hit us hard, and we've all seen this destroy guilds in the past. Members often get fed up of the reduced attendance and everything caves in on itself. Thankfully we rallied around and managed to kill Majordomo in this period using some offspecs and a bit of social help. This boosted the morale in the camp and gave us a sense of optimism for when we had the full team back together.

The vacations passed and the team was returned to full strength for the first time in about a month. This is instantly followed by Heroic Alysrazor and Beth'tilac kills on consecutive days with a Heroic Baleroc kill coming only a few days later. We were overjoyed as we knew we were capable of achieving this if we just had the people online, being hampered by attendance isn't fun for anyone. Our attendance issues had set back our ranks a bit but we knew inside we were better than what these ranks were showing we just need a chance at full strength to begin to prove what we could do.

At this point in time we could see that Ragnaros Heroic was difficult and posing quite the challenge for a lot of guilds. Wowprogress made for grim reading; Ragnaros Heroic was making short work of a lot of guilds with not a lot of kills being registered. It was clear for us that we weren't going to kill it pre-nerf and nor were a lot of people to be honest. We wanted to try but decided to think about our options. We wanted to be ready for the inevitable nerfs but also reward ourselves for weathering the storm of this summer. We decided to do some clears on normal and tackle finishing the Glory Meta achievement for this tier. We had hoped there would be enough time to complete this for everyone and then have our face smashed in by Ragnaros a few times over the next few weeks to get some practice in. After the first week of completing achievements the first Ragnaros nerf landed, reducing his health by 15%, this had us worried about what that would do to his overall difficulty. We decided to carry on doing what we were doing for another week and finish off a couple of uncompleted meta achievements.

The first nerf evidently didn't change that much, it pushed the guilds over the line who were already diving for the finish. With another set of announced nerfs incoming we were confident we had made the right decision in finishing everything off first so we could focus fully on Ragnaros. The week passed and a big bunch of nerfs landed on our doorstep. For us and a lot of other guilds the race for Ragnaros was now within reach. A couple of weeks of intense progression later and we take Ragnaros down with a World Rank of 497 massively improving our rank over any other previous kill. With a great ending to the Firelands we eagerly awaited Dragon Soul and the hope was alive that we could improve yet again.