As a somewhat newly formed guild we knew that accomplishing what we set out to do with this guild was always going to be a challenge but it was one we welcomed nonetheless. Like any guild that forms before the release of an expansion we had the usual array of "Yes, I’ll be raiding when I hit 85" mixed with slow leveling or people just disappearing when they realize the game is no longer for them. This was reflected in our somewhat slow start to this tier as we desperately struggled to stabilize a solid raiding core. People came, went and generally weren’t very reliable, this resulted in us getting off to a sluggish start at the start of our raiding journey.

After some drama with people stating that the guild was not living up to their expectations from people who found the elevator boss to be the most challenging encounter in BWD, we were left in a predicament. It was at this point we were handed a lifeline in the form of some long term friends who had been persuaded to come along and help us out. It was this point things took a positive turn and we almost had a stable raiding core of people that we could depend on. With a bit of practice things started geling between us and we started shaving ranking and realm position of some of those early heroic kills. Bosses started dying much faster taking us from somewhere in the twenties realm rank down to single figures. Things were finally clicking and after after killing Chimaeron, Atramedes and Maloriak within a day of each other we finally felt like we were getting somewhere.

We moved next to Conclave of Wind and started to put some serious attempts into the boss but we were really getting nowhere. Our shortcomings were mostly setup related with no rogue to make the wind platform trivial and no frost deathknight to reduce the difficulty of the nature platform. This is one of the defining moments in the history of Solaris, where we took a step back and realised if we wanted to achieve our goals we had to step it up to the next level and put in the hard yards.

With progress going nowhere we went and did a bit of research discovering Valiona and Theralion was a fairly low difficulty boss if you had someone who could play a subtlety rogue. At the same time our continued recruitment efforts paid off and we welcomed a few new members into the guild including a Frost Deathknight, Mage and a Resto Shaman. Things played out as we expected and we were able to take down Valiona & Theralion without too much trouble. We then returned to Conclave of Wind and with our confidence boosted from defeating Valiona and our roster changes after a bit more learning we finally took it down.
Our new recruits were doing well and everyone was really starting to gel as a team by this point after the grueling amount of conclave wipes we were beginning to understand what we could expect from each other. This was refelcted in the strong performance we were able to put in on Al'akir, for the first time sneaking into the top 1000 guilds to kill a boss, which for a newly formed guild with a lot of inexperienced players we considered a success at the time.
A few weeks later our main tank decided he wanted to create drama and the long and the short of it was that we no longer had a main tank. We had one of our most reliable players switching roles from DPS to tank and we were able to take Cho’gall down despite severe disconnect problems, resulting in one of our DPS being offline for about 30% of every try.
It was at this point instead of finishing off the much easier Nefarian or the quite difficult but much less rewarding Ascendant Council, we decided to invest our time into Sinestra and unfortunately things didn't go well here. Spurred on by our previous victories we were very quick to get into the action but sometimes life just hands you a kick in the balls for no reason. Even with our newest recruits we were and still are always of a small roster. It was at this point one of our healers' internet decided to break, forcing him to play with 20k ms constantly. We attempted it still but wipes resulting from lag/DC's/etc began to get annoying quickly and with no replacement readily in sight. We tried our best but unfortunately circumstances not in our control really started to take their toll. It was at this point we decided to chill out a bit and eagerly await the next set of raiding challenges.