Mythic Imonar Down - 6/11M

Ragthor a posted Tue at 0:12

We took down Imonar quickly today in our final raid of the week and made some really good progress on Kin'garoth having several low wipes. We should be in a position to take it down next week hopefully and move onwards to Varimathras!

5/11 Mythic Antorus

Ragthor a posted Mon at 0:10

We killed Portal Keeper and Eonar on our second raid and then had some low % wipes on Imonar. We are hoping to take it down tomorrow and then we might actually screenshot something

3/11 Mythic Antorus

Ragthor a posted Mon at 0:07

On our first raid this week we cleared heroic and then took down the first 3 mythic bosses. We will move onto Portalkeeper and Eonar on Sunday!

We didn't take any screenshots because reasons